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Beverage Kegs

Stainless Steel Beverage Kegs

A keg you’d be proud to put your brand on. We have the most complete range of Premium Quality Stainless Steel Beverage Kegs. Whatever your need, we have the right solution for you.

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Containers for Chemicals

Stainless Steel Chcemical Kegs

Click here if you are looking for reliable pressure vessels, containers for dangerous goods or containers for toxic liquid materials. UN approval and CE marking available.

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Containers for Edible Oil

Stainless Steel Cooking Oil Containers

Cooking oil always in the best conditions. Suitable for Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil and all kind of edible oils in general. Guarantee the quality, improve the ergonomics for the cook and retain customers.

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Airtanks (reservour)

Stainless Steel Airtanks

Less weight, no rust. The alternative to carbon steel and aluminum. Maximum safety, optimal value.

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Containers for Fragances

Stainless Steel Containers for Fragances

Special containers for Fragances concentrates.

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Gas / LPG Containers

Stainless Steel Gas Container

Less weight, more safety. The quality alternative to Carbon Steel. Tailor made solutions for your gas business.

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All Sizes and Formats

Our portfolio covers all international standards (EURO, DIN, US BBL...), and ranges from 5L to 2500L. If you have special requirements, we will be happy to produce your customized container solution.

The Best Quality System

Thanks to an optimized manufacturing process we can verify the quality from the pre-production stage up to the final inspection, where our pioneer's leak detection unit can prove both the keg and components such as spears.

Premium Stainless Steel

Our kegs feature top-grade austenitic stainless steel AISI 304 / AISI 316. This material ensures a great protection against corrosion and guarantee years of service, even in heavy duty work.

Stainless Steel Saves CO2. 100% Recyclable.

The use of Stainless Steel, 100% Recyclable containers reduces the carbon footprint and protects the environment. In addition to that, the residual value of our products at end-of-life secures your investment.


Quality starts at the pre-production stage

During the production process

Permanent control of the deep drawn and shaped semibodies weight, wall thickness and surface. Traceability of the material: Each part of the keg bears a traceability number corresponding to the material applied during manufacturing.

Quality control in line

Fully automatic weight control of our kegs. Inspectors pay special attention to any visible defects on the internal – and external surface, handholes, spears etc… Automatic Leak Detection Unit: Having fitted the spear to the keg, a fully automatic vacuum leak control unit detects any leakage on the assembly.

An optimized process

  • Visual inspection of the coil surface finish prior to manufacturing
  • Visual and dimensional inspection of the neck.
  • Visual and dimensional control of spears.

Stainless Steel


When someone takes a look around the open environment of the urban or rural society, one thing that does not go without notice, is the shiny lustrous metals around, in almost every single application from kitchen to garage, from homes to industries, and just about everywhere. Discover why we use stainless steel and the advantages of this material against others.

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Research and Development

We not only concentrate on through day-to-day work but also carefully prepare ourselves for future challenges: Development of identification systems. Continuous assimilation of the latest technical innovations. Specific simulation programmes of: crash test, neck impact, dimple design. Cooperation with specialist enterprises, universities and research centres. Worldwide collaboration in Technical Normalization Committees.

Container Service & Repair

Portinox Container Services UK Limited is one of the Industries leading experts in Brewery Container Development, New, Rental, Repairs, Rebranding and Refurbishment.

We have the expertise, experience and the facilities to develop Brewery containers (keg or cask) to your requirements, for Sale as New or Rental / Lease agreement, For Inspections, repair , refurbishment and re-branding. Brewery containers (Keg or Cask) in all sizes ranging from the very small (20 Litre) to the very large (22 / 36 gallon) our vast experience covers all aspects of beer / brewery containers.

We pride ourselves in the refurbishment of Extractors – Disassembly cleaning and full refurbishment of consumable parts. Able and capable of Re-Branding containers with the removal of embossed, painted and printed markings to be replaced with Silk Screen Printing / Painting / Plates with full screening / cleaning to make your acquired fleet look like new.

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