No odours, no vapours

With our hoods, vapours and odours are in the past. Now you’ll be able to prepare delicious recipes without worrying about bad odours. Old extractors broke with the harmony of the kitchen. Our modern cooker hoods match perfectly with the style and current trends. The new models are more silent due to the integration of latest technology in the engines and a great capacity of lighting.

Silent engines with great capacity

We believe a kitchen must be a space free of noise. That's why we offer our silent engines as standard with no extra cost. The design of our armoured engines is compact and hermetic which impedes the penetration of greases prolonging its useful life and decreasing the audible level. All our engines are reliable and guarantee a silent and eficient exhaust of odour and vapour with a low level of energy consumption.

Intelligent Cooker Hoods

Thanks to the humidity sensor, some of our Cooker Hoods are autonomous and don´t need to be regulated manually. Being always at the right speed guarantees the optimum energy consumption and sound level at any time. The moisture sensor is a sensor that automatically activates the engine when it detects the presence of water vapor in the kitchen.

Touch Control

Thanks to the new modern control panels, using our Cooker Hoods is easier than ever before. Our complete range of control panels allow the selection of different extraction speeds as well as connect independently the light. Touch Control enables the extracting time programming, the selection of the speed and the light as well as the integrated digital clock.

Contour System

The Contour System of perimeter aspiration is based on the Venturi effect by which the air accelerates itself when it passes through the perimeter of the hood, creating a barrier which impedes the vapour and odours leak as well as the noise emission.

High Efficiency LED Lighting

Thanks to our low energy halogen and LEDs, our cooker hoods consume much less power than using conventional bulb. Also the lighting is much brighter.

High Absorption, Easy Cleaning Filters

Our 5-layer filters produce extremely high fat retention. Also, the size is perfect to be cleaned anytime in the dishwasher.

Safety Hoods

The interior of the body of most of our Cooker Hoods have a fireproof polymer intermediate panel that prevents direct contact with the engine and the electric circuit.

Teka Cooker Hoods

We design and manufacture decorative cooker hoods (range hoods) for Teka Kitchen & Bath. With a global distribution, our factory and manufacturing process is compliant with the most demanding international quality standards.
View Teka's Cooker Hoods Catalog (external link)

Küppersbusch Cooker Hoods

We also design and manufacture most of the decorative cooker hoods for Küppersbusch, the premium kitchen appliances firm from Teka. This product line focuses in a customer which demands state of the art appliances which follow the most innovative trends worldwide. We can guarantee the satisfaction of such customers thanks to a permanent research and innovation.
View Küppersbusch Cooker Hoods Catalog (external link)

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The partner you can trust

PORTINOX is a leading Decorative Cooker Hoods provider developing full solutions for several companies all over the world. Based on our engineering expertise, rigorous Quality Assurance process, and ISO certification, we can support your OEM project throughout the entire process. From design prototyping, such as customized features or materials and branding design, to full-volume manufacturing, inventory management, global logistics and product advice.

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