We will be present in Poland at GasShow 2015. March 5th and 6th.

THIELMANN PORTINOX will be present at GasShow 2015. Visit us in stand B20!

The GasShow 2015 Exhibition and the accompanied Autoservice Expo 2015, together with a number of additional events, constitute the biggest LPG-CNG-LNG industry show in the world. Marvel at the new quality of the expo.

Exhibition takes place on March 5 – 6, 2014 in Warsaw International Expocentre EXPO XXI at Pradzynskiego 12/14 Street in Warsaw (ZIP CODE: 01-222) – Poland.

More information: www.expoxxi.pl.

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We will be present at IBD Africa 2015! March 1st-6th, 2015.

We will be present at IBD Convetion Africa 2015 which takes place in Maputo, Mozambique. Visit us in Stand 15.

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The Institute of Brewing and Distilling

History of the Institute

The Institute of Brewing and Distilling started as the Laboratory Club in London in 1886. It held regular meetings, at which brewing scientists discussed burning questions of the day, and soon began publishing papers based on their discussions. It is interesting to note that among the first subjects were “Wastefulness in Brewing”, “Brewing Calculations” and “Yeast Deterioration”; these subjects are still being discussed today.

The name was changed to “The Institute of Brewing, London”. Regional groups started meetings in parts of England other than London, laying the foundation for the present seven UK sections, and in 1904 they amalgamated to form “The Institute of Brewing” as we know it today. In 1953 the first overseas Section was formed, the Australian Section. This became the Australian and New Zealand Section in 1967, and expanded further to become the Asia Pacific Section in 1991. A Canadian group started meetings in 1967, and this became the core of the International Section, which was formed in 1991.

In Africa, a Central and Southern African Section was formed in 1982, with 60 members, and in 1997 the section expanded to become the Africa Section, membership is now 500. At the beginning of 2001, the IBG (International Brewers Guild) and the IOB (Institute of Brewing) amalgamated to form the IGB – The Institute & Guild of Brewing.

The Institute today

The stated purpose of the IBD is “the advancement of education of benefit to the public or a section of the public, specifically in the sciences of brewing, fermentation and distillation.” The word”sciences” needs to be interpreted broadly, and the Institute concerns itself with both scientific and technical matters to do with the brewing and packaging of fermented beverages. This includes general management aspects as appropriate.

Which beverages? The key to this is brewing. The main concern of the Institute is products that involve a brewing process – clear beer in all its forms, sorghum beer and whisky. The Institute is also concerned with vinegar and wine making, although these are not areas from which many members are currently drawn. Their science and technology is relevant, however, to fermentation. Nevertheless the Institute is always receptive to developments from other industries. For example, scientific research in the wine industry may help to shed light on aspects of beer fermentation.

From the above it can be concluded that the activities of the Institute are of interest not only to brewing staff, but also to packaging, engineering and quality staff. It serves both individual members and the industry, including Allied Traders. It also maintains strong links with academic institutions in the field. There is a role to play in imparting technical and scientific knowledge to non-technical people.

The Institute has its headquarters in London, however it’s coverage is worldwide. In addition to various Sections within the United Kingdom, three important and growing sections (Asia and Pacific, Africa and International) serve the interests of members of the Brewing Industry throughout the world. It is certainly the leading body of its kind in the English speaking world and the membership shows that it also has a strong support amongst those whose mother tongue is not English. Communication in other languages is under consideration as appropriate.

More information at event’s website >>


Introducing KEGFLOW, the best keg tracking solution.

Captura de pantalla 2014-12-09 12.56.52

PORTINOX presents KEGFLOW, the best keg tracking solution available in the market.

 Optimise the precious investment in your container fleet with Kegflow – the leading RFID solution.

 Know your asset population inside/out.

 Identify asset losses and loss rate trends.

 Compare container availability against forecasted production requirements to ensure keg supply meets demand, correctly and efficiently.

 Accurately make forecasts for new container purchases.

 Powerful benefits achieved from partially tagging your fleet made possible by a statistical approach applying data andalysis algorithms.

 Be safe in the knowledge that you are installing a leading edge, robust RFID solution, available and supported globally, with over 99% accuracy.

Are you interested in knowing how KEGFLOW could help improve the efficiency of your keg fleet?
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More info at http://www.kegflow.net/

Kegflow is a partnership of PORTINOX S.A., Kegspertise Ltd and Athelia Solutions S.L.


Visit us at 1st THIELMANN Craft Beer Madrid. 29-30th November 2014.

THIELMANN Craft Beer Madrid 2014 is the first international trade fair focused on Craft Beer in Madrid.

This exhibition focuses on joining craft brewers, suppliers and professionals from brewing sector within a single place. Craft brewers will be able to offer their exclusive beer recipes to general public.

There will be several courses, conferences and tastings available, tickets can be purchased online through the event website.

THIELMANN is the oficial sponsor of this exhibition, our aim is to support home brewers and the craft beer community, so they can offer their exclusive beers to a wide number of audiences.

For the courses on making beer, there will be used our PORTIBREW system, which represents an ideal solution for those who want to start in the brewing world and don’t want to invest a large sum of money. This system will be available for online purchase in PORTINOX online shop during this month of November.

Click here to go to the official website of the event (external link, in Spanish) >> 


New heavy duty washbasin

Meeting the ever growing demand for heavy duty sanitary products

The new wash basin recently developed by PORTINOX is a heavy duty product specially designed for harsh environments where its vandal proof feature is a must.

It is a new wash basin which front and rear installation is viable. This new design includes a backsplash where several push buttons and spouts can be mounted. These faucets are also fully vandal resistant and can also be supplied with electronic equipment upon request.

This new wash basin is part of the Product Development Programe established by PORTINOX to meet and exceed the ever growing demand for vandal resistant sanitary products in the market.

Major features:

  • Heavy duty wash basin suitable for different harsh environments like prisons, police stations, penitentiary centres and courts of justice
  • Suitable for public toilets and sport facilities
  • Fully vandal resistant
  • Faucets mounted on backsplash

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Environmentally Friendly WC Pans

Environmentally Friendly WC Pans

Making the world a greener planet

PORTINOX continuous invest in research and development has led to a number of significant implementations on its existing range of stainless steel sanitary products.

A large number of improvements have been recently implemented on the WC pan range of products to make them more water efficient. This new approach towards a lower consumption of water on its products is in line with the new action plan of PORTINOX to offer more environmentally friendly products.

The implemented INP-655-OVD-TB is supplied with a cistern whose flushing system requires only 4 litres per flush. This results in a considerable amount of water being saved throughout the product lifespan.

The new INP-535-OVC has been redesigned to fully meet the new European Norm on stainless steel sanitary products making it a more versatile WC pan and suitable for a variety of different applications.

PORTINOX WC Pan products fully comply with the EN-997-2012 and are CE Marked.

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New drinking fountain which features an energy efficient cooler.

PORTINOX develops a drinking fountain with a new cooling unit to meet the specific requirements of the drinking fountains market. It is the first of a new line of energy efficient coolers that we are currently developing to suit your specific needs. It is fully made of stainless steel in 1mm thick AISI-304 (1.4301).
This new drinking fountain is the result of a new development program devised by PORTINOX to introduce innovative and environmentally friendly products to the market.

The cooling process is achieved by pouring water in a container which is then frozen and the ice formation is used for cooling the drinking water. This water is not immersed or in direct contact with the drinking water to be cooled. The drinking water is therefore cooled when it goes through a pipe with a coil shape inside the container.


  • Cold water fountain
  • Stainless Steel AISI 304 – 1mm Thick
  • Bubble: Yes (Mod. 001). Inlet G3/8″ M
  • Cup filler + bubble: Yes (Mod. 002). Outlet G3/8″ M
  • Output Ø25 (Ø40)
  • Basin is polished finish
  • Cover is grinding finish
  • Cooling Capacity: 20l/h
  • Cold water temperatura regulated by thermostat
  • Refrigerant gas: R134A (CFC-free)
  • Dimensions: 350x350x900mm
  • Water tank or stainless steel cooling system (direct chill)
  • Weight: 23.5kg (with empty tank)


  • FO-TH-001: With a glass filler faucet
  • FO-TH-002: With bottle and glass filling faucet

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PORTINOX Mexico starts up with Cooker Hoods production

PORTINOX is diversifying it’s product portfolio also in Mexico. Our factory has recently started to manufacture also some models of our Decorative Cooker Hoods. With the idea of being able to have a much better response to our customers’ needs worldwide, specially within the American continent, this movement will allow us to provide even more flexibility when receiving a customer inquirepost_pmx

The factory is located in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. The strategic location of San Luis Potosi, the reliable and prepared workforce and the good infrastructures have dramatically improved the industrial development in that area, where top global automotive manufacturers such as Volkswagen / Audi, General Motors and very soon BMW have chosen San Luis Potosi as the place to manufacture some of their cars.

The number of employees in PORTINOX Mexico has raised steadily since our factory creation in 2007. During this year 2014, we will surpass the number of 160 full-time employees.


Visit us at Brau Beviale 2014. Nürnberg, Germany.

Where: Exhibition Centre Nuremberg – Nürnberg, Germany

When: 11th-13th November 2014

Visit us at stand 4-407 !


When one Conversation moves the whole Industry…

… then it‘s not over after a Year

Continuity is the big advantage of BrauBeviale. With its concentrated 3-year power, it provides space for new ideas – and time for them to develop. Not just the mega-trends in the industry, but also the smaller topics that offer so much potential for innovation.

Success Story of BrauBeviale

BrauBeviale has taken place in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg since 1978. The event had already attracted 152 exhibitors and 2,478 visitors to the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg by 1980. Today’s capital goods exhibition originated in Bamberg, where it was launched in 1957 as a training course and social event for the sector.

With 32,810 trade visitors in 2012, BrauBeviale was the most important international capital goods exhibition for the whole beverage production process chain: raw materials, technologies, logistics and marketing. Small and medium enterprises and global players from Europe and the rest of the world used the creative atmosphere at BrauBeviale to develop solutions. It has long been one of the leading European exhibitions for the production and marketing of beer and non-alcoholic drinks.


More info at www.brau-beviale.de >>


Visit us at Cerveza México. September 5th-7th 2014.

Where: WTC – Mexico DF
When: 5th-7th September 2014
Visit us at stand 15-17!

The most complete event of Beer in Latinamerica.

Beer Mexico is an interactive space where besides tasting beer and talk about the most complete experience in Mexico on the World of Beer is living.

Includes three events: Exhibition, Conference and Competition, taking place since 2010 has become the main event of the Brewing Industry in Latin America with more than 150 producers, importers, exporters and suppliers of inputs beer.


More info at Expo Cerveza Mexico Official Website >>


Teka becomes the official main sponsor of Real Madrid Basketball

Teka has signed an agreement with Real Madrid to become the official main sponsor of Real Madrid Basketball. With this movement, Teka will be able to enhance its global brand visibility as well as reinforce our shared values with Real Madrid and basketball.

Passion, team work and authenticity, to name a few, are some of the core values our company share with Real Madrid.

Mr. Florentino Pérez, President of Real Madrid next to Mr. Arturo Baldasano, President of Teka Industrial and PORTINOX.

More info at Real Madrid Official Website >>

Guinness selects a keg from THIELMANN PORTINOX

Diageo-Guinness selects a keg from THIELMANN PORTINOX to show it in their new Brewhouse in Dublin. Diageo is a London based multinational alcoholic beverages company, which is the world’s largest producer of spirits and a major producer of beer and wine. Guinness, one of the world favorite stouts, is a company member of Diageo group.

We are proud of serving our customers with the best excellence in keg manufacturing and innovation.

More info about Diageo at www.diageo.com