Environmentally Friendly WC Pans

Environmentally Friendly WC Pans

Making the world a greener planet

PORTINOX continuous invest in research and development has led to a number of significant implementations on its existing range of stainless steel sanitary products.

A large number of improvements have been recently implemented on the WC pan range of products to make them more water efficient. This new approach towards a lower consumption of water on its products is in line with the new action plan of PORTINOX to offer more environmentally friendly products.

The implemented INP-655-OVD-TB is supplied with a cistern whose flushing system requires only 4 litres per flush. This results in a considerable amount of water being saved throughout the product lifespan.

The new INP-535-OVC has been redesigned to fully meet the new European Norm on stainless steel sanitary products making it a more versatile WC pan and suitable for a variety of different applications.

PORTINOX WC Pan products fully comply with the EN-997-2012 and are CE Marked.

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