PORTINOX Mexico starts up with Cooker Hoods production

PORTINOX is diversifying it’s product portfolio also in Mexico. Our factory has recently started to manufacture also some models of our Decorative Cooker Hoods. With the idea of being able to have a much better response to our customers’ needs worldwide, specially within the American continent, this movement will allow us to provide even more flexibility when receiving a customer inquirepost_pmx

The factory is located in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. The strategic location of San Luis Potosi, the reliable and prepared workforce and the good infrastructures have dramatically improved the industrial development in that area, where top global automotive manufacturers such as Volkswagen / Audi, General Motors and very soon BMW have chosen San Luis Potosi as the place to manufacture some of their cars.

The number of employees in PORTINOX Mexico has raised steadily since our factory creation in 2007. During this year 2014, we will surpass the number of 160 full-time employees.


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