New drinking fountain which features an energy efficient cooler.

PORTINOX develops a drinking fountain with a new cooling unit to meet the specific requirements of the drinking fountains market. It is the first of a new line of energy efficient coolers that we are currently developing to suit your specific needs. It is fully made of stainless steel in 1mm thick AISI-304 (1.4301).
This new drinking fountain is the result of a new development program devised by PORTINOX to introduce innovative and environmentally friendly products to the market.

The cooling process is achieved by pouring water in a container which is then frozen and the ice formation is used for cooling the drinking water. This water is not immersed or in direct contact with the drinking water to be cooled. The drinking water is therefore cooled when it goes through a pipe with a coil shape inside the container.


  • Cold water fountain
  • Stainless Steel AISI 304 – 1mm Thick
  • Bubble: Yes (Mod. 001). Inlet G3/8″ M
  • Cup filler + bubble: Yes (Mod. 002). Outlet G3/8″ M
  • Output Ø25 (Ø40)
  • Basin is polished finish
  • Cover is grinding finish
  • Cooling Capacity: 20l/h
  • Cold water temperatura regulated by thermostat
  • Refrigerant gas: R134A (CFC-free)
  • Dimensions: 350x350x900mm
  • Water tank or stainless steel cooling system (direct chill)
  • Weight: 23.5kg (with empty tank)


  • FO-TH-001: With a glass filler faucet
  • FO-TH-002: With bottle and glass filling faucet

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