Why Use Stainless Steel?

When someone takes a look around the open environment of the urban or rural society, one thing that does not go without notice, is the shiny lustrous metals around, in almost every single application from kitchen to garage, from homes to industries, and just about everywhere. The material used for such uses was initially iron, copper or brass, but the recent past has seen a new addition in the list of names, stainless steel. The name says it all, the advantage of this material is that it is stainless and it is known so because of its special resistance to get rusty or to corrode, while keeping hardness from steel.

What is it Stainless Steel?

Invented in the early 20th century, this wonder metal is an alloy of steel with a certain percentage (usually about 10.5%) of chromium in it. This creates a thin film over the surface and thus avoids contact with moisture and other corrosives. This metal is usually free from corrosion under normal environmental conditions.
Stainless steel has found its use in various industries, such as pharmaceutical, medical, cutlery, food, beverage, and the list goes on. THIELMANN CONTAINER SYSTEMS use this metal in pretty much all the industries where it can be applied, while our major expertise comes in Food & Beverage sector.

Stainless Steel in Food and Beverage Sector – When Health Comes FirstDruckbehälter-DRB

When considering about the food industry, this high standard hygiene level steel plays a major role in the food and the beverage industries. When it comes to cutlery, utensils, storage and so on, the first preference goes to the Stainless Steel because, most other metals have a probability to corrode and rust. These corroded parts have chemical compositions that can harm the health.

The non corrosive properties of the “wonder steel” can handle the salinity in food and beverage, the acidic contents in vegetables, fruits and has the hardness to cut through tough meat. They hold on a good luster which makes it a great presentation on the table. Stainless Steel is one of the main materials used for preserving, transportation and processing of beverages, specially beer and wine.
All edible products carry a certain acidic property which can cause certain chemical changes in the metal that comes in contact with them. But with stainless steel, which has a thin self healing layer of chromium oxide over it that prevents the oxidation of steel, the chances of just health harming chemical changes is sparse. Kegs usually use this metal to hold on to alcoholic beverages like beer as it needs to retain its properties, having to keep to certain extensive fermentation happening inside or to store the drink. So when one is savoring a drink, they can do it with the peace that it is done, stored and transported in a safe steel container and that is one thing that they definitely will not have to worry about as long a the beverage industry uses the non-rusting steel products for the processing and storage.

Captura de pantalla 2014-01-13 12.35.46AISI 304 / 316
We use in all our products AISI 304 and 316 Stainless Steel, which are one of the safest alloys for food and beverage use. AISI 304 is also known as 18/8 Stainless Steel or “A2 stainless steel”. The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) standardized a numbering system for the the different steel alloys since almost 100 years ago. Using this raw material guarantees the maximum product quality while decreasing significantly the weight against some other steel alloys.

For more information about the AISI, check their official website here…. http://www.steel.org/


THIELMANN CONTAINER SYSTEMS has developed a strong partnership with the main stainless steel suppliers such as ACERINOX or OUTOKUMPO, whose knowledge, quality and innovation help us to increase the final quality of our products.

THIELMANN PORTINOX Stainless Steel Expertise

For nearly 50 years, THIELMANN PORTINOX has been manufacturing the highest quality beverage containers. The companies under the THIELMANN Container Systems group are well established, and we are proud to be the worldwide leader in beverage container production, with facilities in Europe and America, and offices in many different countries which cover 5 continents.

Our kegs are distributed throughout the world and they are specifically developed for various markets to ensure optimal standards for each region. The THIELMANN PORTINOX team keeps a close eye on evolving market requirements, and ensures that your kegs will meet international and/or national regulations.

In the world of beverage containers, THIELMANN PORTINOX operates on one clear objective: to offer a technically superior product that guarantees the customer the absolute optimal usage.

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