Take-over of WEW by THIELMANN

THIELMANN Container Systems has acquired the assets of WEW on 2nd of May 2016 and will continue operations under WEW Container Systems GmbH. WEW is a specialist container manufacturer serving a broad global customer range from various industries. As part of the THIELMANN Group, WEW is lining up with companies such as PORTINOX and UCON who themselves are leaders in their fields of the container industry.

THIELMANN with its 275 years of history is the world leader in stainless steel containers from 5L – 5,000L offering standard products as well as tailor made solutions especially for customers in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and oil & gas industries. THIELMANN sees WEW as a perfect complement to its range of products and services, given its activities as a specialist container manufacturer especially in the range of 3,000L – 50,000L. Furthermore THIELMANN will widen its range of industrial customers and gain new access to further industries, such as defense & government, emergency services and nuclear, while strengthening its activities in chemical and oil & gas industries.

Given the profound knowledge of WEW and their specialized resources THIELMANN sees opportunities to expand WEW´s business and manufacturing operations, which will remain in Weitefeld, Germany. Furthermore UCON´s sales office in Haiger will be moved to Weitefeld.

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