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PORTINOX (part of the THIELMANN Group) was founded in Granada, Spain in 1965 and is one of the European leading manufacturers of stainless steel sanitary washroom and professional equipment.

PORTINOX, (part of the THIELMANN Group)

Our products are designed, developed and manufactured in Spain, following European standards and certifications. As such, they do have Declaration of Performance (DoP) and CE markings among EN 997, EN 33, EN 14688, EN 14296, EN 14527, EN 13407, EN-13310, etc. which indicates their conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards.They all are ISO 9001 Quality Management certified, which guarantee they meet the needs of customers, stakeholders and statutory, and regulatory requirements, and has the Company Certification for Welding of Railway Vehicles and Components (EN 1508). Besides that, we are listed as authorised exporter by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, certifying the Spanish origins of our products.

PORTINOX comprehensive range of sanitary wares has been designed in stainless steel AISI 304 (1.4301 / V2A / EN 10088 / BS 304 S31 / SUS304), varying from standard to vandal-proof mounting, specially indicated for the following application areas:

- Penal institutions and Military
- Sports facilities
- Healthcare and Laboratory
- Education
- Culture and Leisure
- Travel and Transport
- Offices and Administration
- Industry
- Public facilities, etc..

Our Technical and R&D departments are always pleased to give you any further information you may need and to inform you about OEM and ODM products. Our continued innovation and investigation into new technologies gives us full confidence in being able to offer you a high-quality product at a competitive price.

Company 2

55 years of experience


LOYALTY: We are dedicated to build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our partners on our way to become one of the world’s leading “one-stop-shop” for container solutions

AMBITION: We want to be the best at whatever we do. We have high ambitions, big dreams, we challenge the status quo and we push the boundaries of what is possible. We remain grounded and learn from our setbacks

OWNERSHIP: We are committed to the success of the whole company. Nothing is someone else’s problem – we undertake with initiative and implement with ownership. We empower our colleagues by the way we act and take decisions

PASSION: We like what we do, our partners and our company – and we demonstrate that through our actions! We allow emotions to inspire our work environment and our colleagues

ENGAGEMENT: We are consistent and committed to our shared goals. We believe in teamwork and cooperate with our colleagues, partners, and shareholders. We bring our passion and energy to work and don´t shy away from challenges

RESPECT: We believe in speaking honestly and acting with integrity. We are socially conscious and care for our environment and nature. We embrace diversity and celebrate the different voices that make our company unique

AGILITY: We react quickly and are open to change. Once a decision is made, we act with resolve. We are constantly upskilling ourselves and are open to better ways of doing things

Major Benefits

Vandal Resistant

Suitable for intensive use and maximum durability. Heat and fire-proof.

Maximum Hygiene

Stainless steel has non-porous surface, that limits the proliferation of bacteria. The design of our products avoids the accumulation of dirt and need less use of cleaning products.

Easy to Install and Maintain.

Eco Friendly

Environmentally friendly, low carbon footprint, durability, water and energy saving. 100% recyclable.

Polyurethane Filling

Sound Deadening & Additional Resistance. Our products have a layer of foam to minimize the metallic sound characteristic of stainless steel, which also provides extra strength.


PORTINOX has the capacity to deliver products to the specific client’s needs and projects. Made in Spain.


Our products are provided with earthing and rounded corners

Attractive and ergonomic design