“Product diversification within the stainless steel industry and global production gives us a high degree of flexibility to deliver tailor made solutions in a timely manner. These are some of the core competencies that clearly differentiate us from competitors.”


Our commitment and continuous effort to deliver the best container quality and service has, over many years, built us an excellent know-how reputation with our various customers around the world. As a result, our brands UCON, COMET, PORTINOX, THIELMANN and WEW cover most of the container market and occupy leading positions in many industry segments.

THIELMANN is part of the German TEKA Group (Holding), which was founded by two gentlemen – one of them Mr. Thielmann. We believe in our heritage and strong brand identity. By merging our brands to a greater whole, we are becoming THIELMANN, thereby expressing our commitment to continuously deliver highest quality standards, efficiency, speed, and global presence.

Our year to year figures

+1.500.000 Containers

Group Companies

UCON AG Containerysteme KG
Schmelzer Gmbh

Mission, Vision and Values


Founded in 1740, THIELMANN has now developed into a global manufacturer of standard and customized stainless steel containers to meet the various needs of its many customers.

Our Mission is to become the world’s leading supplier of Stainless Steel Containers by 2020 and to collaborate closely with our customers around the world to develop solutions to their processing, dispensing, storage and transportation requirements in order to become their preferred partner. Our solutions are of the highest quality, are accompanied by the most attentive of customer service, and comprise a Product Portfolio for our customers, which safeguards and maintains the integrity of their goods and products.

To achieve this goal, we will continue to work closely with our present and future customers, no matter their industry, to firmly understand their needs in terms of price, quality, quantities and lead times. This will enable us to surpass our own and our customers’ expectations, and to establish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our business partners throughout the world.


There always has been and always will be a need for container solutions for myriad industries around the world.

Our Vision is to provide innovative, environmentally friendly and value adding container solutions for our customers while focusing on mutually beneficial, long-term relationships which stimulate continued growth and gains for companies and employees alike.


DEDICATION: We are dedicated to our customers’ success and passionate about solving any of the container issues they face.

RESPONSIBILITY: We take the responsibility to conduct business in a way that secures the future of our company, while also providing durability, stability and the highest levels of safety.

FLEXIBILITY: We always think and act proactively with customers in mind and respond to their needs with the highest possible level of flexibility possible.


International Presence

100+ Countries

Products Manufactured per Year

2 Million +


800+ Employees


185+ Million €

THIELMANN CONTAINER SYSTEMS is the Business Unit Containers of Teka Group. We transform stainless steel into a wide variety of products in a global structure with 7 manufacturing plants around the world. These are the industries where the company operates:

Beverage Industry

Stainless Steel Beverage Kegs

Food Industry

Stainless Steel Industrial Containers
Stainless Steel Edible Oil Containers

Chemical Industry

Containers for Chemical and Plastics
Containers for Hazardous Materials

Pharmaceutical Industry

Containers for Pharmaceutical Products

Coatings Industry

Containers for Coatings, Paints

Oil and Gas Industry

Gas Cylinders
LPG Containers
Containers for Petrol Stations

Consumer Appliances

Decorative Cooker Hoods

Construction Industry

Stainless Steel Sanitary Ware
Special Containers for Construction

Hospitality Sector

Professional Kitchen Turnkey Projects


Hot Forged Steel Parts