Teka and Real Madrid makes history again by winning the League to Barcelona

Real Madrid won their 33th basketball league against Barcelona (91-84), which lost three of four games at the finals of the playoffs.

With this new triumph, Teka consolidates its prestige as a talisman of the club. If last year Real Madrid had a perfect season by winning every title, this time it has shot down another wall to achieve two league titles followed for the first time in 22 years. It was the 93-94 season and Teka was his sponsor.


The trophy won on Wednesday in Madrid enlarges his legend and places the white team as the best squad in the world after the NBA.

Forbes magazine in its June issue reflects the relationship of the brands most associated by the public to certain events, athletes or teams following the HIPS (Property Index Sponsorship Association) International index.
Teka ranked fifth above companies like Audi, Siemens and Coca Cola.