Touchless Self Cleaning wall hung toilet for People with Disabilities or Reduced Mobility (PRM). Stylish and ergonomic design. Manufactured from 1.5 mm thick stainless steel AISI 304 (1.4301). Satin surface ensuring long-lasting durability of the product surface. Seamless welded and rounded corners and edges to improve safety. Round toilet bowl with perimetral flushing rim. The Infrared WC-System washes, disinfects, and dries the seat after each use. Optional odor suction system. Installation on a hidden support frame with a cistern. Flush and cleaning cycle auto-starts after user’s departure, without manual contact. A separate flush actuator enables manual operation. Seat rotation stops immediately when the cycle is interrupted. 12 seconds for 1 cycle.

Safety Features:
Power: 12 V power supply by a 230/12V external transformer.
Direct stop of the device in case of irregular motion 
Manual flush button in case of power failure.
CE marked.

Mayor Benefits:
Hygiene: avoid any contact with a dirty toilet seat and flush control.
Improved image: the user will experience a curious and pleasant anecdote. It will surely differentiate you from your competitors.
Reduce smells and ensure public washrooms sanitary conditions.
Reduce maintenance time and costs.
Ergonomic design.
Waterproof sensor cell (IP 67), immune to vibration and electrical perturbations, insensitive to luminous interference.
Robust constructions.

INS-700-SENSO-SMART Front Sensor Detection 700 x 415 x 690 mm
OPC-4 Dual Sensor Detection
GEBERIT-1 Frame + 6L Cistern 500 x 135/200 x 1120 mm
GEBERIT-2 Self-Supporting Frame 6L 500 x 200 x 1120 mm


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Sport Centers

Sport Centers

Our stainless steel sanitary fittings ensure a resistance against heavy use in all types of sport centers, from small gyms to huge stadiums.

Military Facilities

Military Facilities

Our easy to clean, heavy duty stainless steel sanitary ware fits any military institution which need a reliable solution which guarantees a long service life in heavy use conditions.

Public Bathrooms

Public Bathrooms

Our stainless steel sanitary ware products are perfect to fit in any Public WC which requires a strong solution against vandalism and which guarantee the optimum hygiene for visitors and users.

Prisons and

Detention Centers

Safety and fully vandal proof solutions have a key role in prisons, detention centers, police stations or any other institution where there is risk of vandalism. The most reliable, long lasting products which help keeping optimum hygiene.

Do you have any questions about our products or services?

Our competent PORTINOX experts will be happy to help you.

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