Shower Water Controls


TPS-01PTB (Battery)

Wall hung piezo electronic shower panel for cold or premixed water, 6V. The shower panel is brushed and made from stainless steel AISI 304 (1.4301). Supplied with an integrated high-quality piezo electronic and an electromagnetic valve. Robust and vandal-resistant construction. Fixed showerhead. Fits perfectly in public shower rooms, such as schools and swimming pools, sports halls, and prisons. Monitoring of battery capacity. Easy and quick installation.

Technical Features:
Water inlet: G ½” – External thread.
Water consumption: 6 l/m.
Recommended water pressure: 1 – 6 Bar. 
Detection range: 0.3 – 0.7 m.
Power input: 3 W.
Power supply: 4 pcs AA alkaline batteries, 1.5V.
Battery lifetime: Approximately 2 years (100 uses per day).
CE marked, compliant according to 73/02 / EEC and 89/336 / EEC.

Manner of use:
The shower starts to work after a light touch of the piezo button. Flushing time is preset and can be programmed from 10 to 310 seconds. The factory default preset flushing time is 120 seconds. If the user is finished by that time, the button can be touched again and the shower stops. The shower panel can be programmed for regular flushing to prevent the growth of legionella bacteria. This is not preset from the factory. If desired, remote control for programming can be purchased separately, REMOTE-CONTROL-04. Not pre-set from the factory.

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TPS-01PTB (Battery) Satin finish 220 x 93 x 1050 mm
REMOTE-CONTROL-04 Adjustment of Parameters
TM-VALVE-3/4" Thermostatic mixing valve 3/4" 28 l/min at 1 Bar


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